Development Standards

Gulf Coast Standards

GulfCoast Corporate Park is planned with quality standards to ensure proper development and maintenance. The rendering of the entrance shows the character of the Park.

entrance sign park

In approval of GulfCoast Corporate Park, Manatee County recognized the park as a Gateway with these added stipulations to assure a superior development.

  • Structures in excess of twenty-five feet (25') in height along U.S. 41 and Erie Road shall be required to setback an additional two feet (2') for each foot of structure height over twenty-five feet (25').
  • To provide an aesthetically attractive appearance, all exterior building facades fronting U.S. 41, I-275 and Erie Road shall consist of brick, architectural precast concrete panels, architectural masonry units, glass, stucco, ceramic tile, stone, wood or similar material. Painted or plain materials, exposed concrete block or corrugated metal will not be permitted. Architectural metals in conjunction with other permitted building materials shall be allowed, provided that at least fifty percent (50%) of the building face is constructed from the other permitted materials.
  • A coordinated signage plan for the perimeter of the project shall be submitted and reviewed at time of Preliminary Development Plan submittal. Signage along U.S. 41 and I-275 shall be limited to a total of three (3) freestanding project signs.
  • A twenty foot (20') wide landscaped buffer shall be provided along I-275, U.S. 41, Erie Road and eastern property line of the development. Notwithstanding the landscaping requirements of the Land Development Code, the buffer area shall be provided with no less than two (2) trees per fifty linear feet (50') of right of way of property line. Protected tree species which are preserved may be credited in the landscape requirements along each street.
  • All truck loading, service areas, outside storage and parking of heavy equipment, semi-trucks and/or trailers or other vehicles over 1-1/2 tons shall be located at the non-street side of the building when adjacent to I-275, U.S. 41 and Erie Road, unless they are not visible from a height of five feet (5') at the edge of pavement of said street, to be determined at time of Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Trash and garbage receptacles shall be screened with materials similar to the adjacent building facade and maintain all building setbacks along U.S. 41, I-275 and Erie Road.